victory for Spain!

Monday, June 30, 2008

it's the end of euro 2008 a few minutes ago crowning Spain as the champion! Fernando Torres-the man of the match secured Spain the trophy as he scored a goal in the 33rd minute. Torres' goal crushed Germany's hope to win trophy. Captain Iker Casillas also did a vey good job in defending their team. He acted calmly and managed to save all attacks from Germany. this victory also ended Spain's 44-year wait of winning a major tournament with 100% wins since their first game against Russia until their final against Germany.

Fernando Torres after scoring Spain's winning goal

euro 2008 saw a lot of suprises as a lot of favourite teams like Netherland, Portugal, and France did not managed to go far with luck not on their side, on the other hand, underdogs like Turkey and Russia shows great games and potentials. it's been an exiciting season with a spectacular ending with Spain going home with the trophy they trully deserved.

Captain Iker Casillas lifting the Euro 2008 trophy

it's interesting that a friend of mine would never agree with me on football. during EPL she assured me that Chelsea's gonna win. instead, Manchaster United won! again. Champion's League. she said, now, Chelsea's gonna win. instead, Manchaster United when home with the trophy. now. she said Germany's surely gonna win. I disagree and hey, zophor, "look who won!"

pictures taken from Euro 2008 Official Website and ESPN soccernet

pearls are beautiful

Saturday, June 28, 2008

just want to share with you a cd cover I made for my mom. she needs this for her reunion. it's like this, she needs to think of a gift that is most creative. the theme is pearls. so i compiled some songs with pearls in it (either the singer is pearl something or the title is pearl something) and this is the result.

guess what? it won!! it's the most creative. haha. ::smiling proudly::


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've promised a friend to make a banner for her blog. that was like a few weeks ago already and finally, I'm DONE! I could have done it earlier but I was too busy hanging out and doing other works. but now I'm done. glad that I can keep the promise.

here's the result

do visit her page at

Portugal no more

Friday, June 20, 2008

it's the end for Portugal in Euro 08. I've stayed up late for this match and was devastated with Portugal's loss. during the 90 minutes game, Luiz Felipe Scolari's team enjoyed a greater possession (61%) and had more shots on Jens Lehmann's goal but was unable to win the game for good.

Klose scoring the second goal for Germany

Germany had chosen to leave Miroslav Klose up front on his own with support coming out wide from his FC Bayern München team-mates Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger. this approach bore fruit when, just two minutes after João Moutinho had missed a chance to put Portugal ahead, Podolski combined with Philipp Lahm and Michael Ballack before crossing for Schweinsteiger (22'), who had drifted in from his position on the right, to sweep the ball past Ricardo.

Ronaldo congratulating Gomes on their first goal

just four minutes later, Germany were cruising when the Portugal defence left Klose (26') totally unmarked to head in a Schweinsteiger free-kick. they were now two goals to the good from their first two efforts on target. Portugal could not keep still and scored a relief goal through Nuno Gomes (40').

Ballack scoring Germany's final goal that destroyed Portugal's hope

this continued in the second half when Germany retreated to protect their advantage and reduce the amount of space in which wingers Cristiano Ronaldo and Simão could operate. yet Germany caught Portugal out again from a free-kick when Ballack (61') headed in at the far post from another Schweinsteiger delivery. Germany is now leading 3-1.

Prostiga's late goal for Portugal

by full time, Portugal had enjoyed eight and a half more minutes in possession (33'28" to 25'08") and had double the amount of shots (22 to eleven), statistics attributable to both Germany's defending in numbers and Portugal's inability to penetrate. yet just six of these were on target including Hélder Postiga's (87') late headed goal. Raul Meireles and Ronaldo on the other hand were both wayward with their shooting, each sending three efforts wide or over. Scolari's final match as Portugal coach before taking over at Chelsea FC thus ended in defeat as his team's hard work and endeavour in other areas was undermined 2-3 by Germany's great attack.

taken and edited from Euro 2008 Official Website

it's not safe out there!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

yesterday, something bad happened to a neighbour of mine. I was on the net at arround 12.56 pm when I suddenly heard a scream coming from my window. "Pencuri! Pencuri!" ("Thief! Thief!") I ran straight to my window and look out. I saw my neighbour was looking very hopeless while showing a motorist the direction af the snacther. the motorist followed the direction hoping o chase the snatcher. A lot of people came out from their houses after hearing the scream.

I don't know what happened after that. curious, I went and get the whole story. it seems that my neighbour was picking flowers behind her house. while picking, she did saw a motorist wearing a red t-shirt went pass her. she didn't expext anything bad would happen.

suddenly, she felt like there is someone hugging her from the back. it's the guy in red. he wanted the necklaces she was wearing. he managed to pull of the small one. after a few struggles, he managed to get the big one also.

amazingly, at that time, there's nobody around for her to ask help from. after the snatcher went off with his motorcycle, a motorist pass by and she aked for his help. however, he failed. my neighbour had some bruises and cuts near her neck.

I pitied her. my once safe neighbourhood is no longer that safe anymore. could you imagine that incidents like that could happen in your back door. even to go out for awhile, you need to really be carefull. we could not even go jogging behind our houses without being afraid. I hope that the snatcher will be caught sooner or later. he should really be punished for polluting our peace!

it's girls day out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

yesterday, mama, yaya and I went out shopping together. we went to Queensbay Mall for our girls day out. abah drop us off at the entrance and we went shopping. I love going shopping with mama. it is sort of like a mother-daughter bonding thing.

she was looking for a shoe to replace her old one. it is the last day of sale, so we really got to make the best of it. after trying a few shoes, she manage to buy one. it is not exactly what she wanted but hey, it's on sale. why not? I managed to get myself a blazer and a slack. mama got herself a skirt.

yaya wanted to buy a watch but the promoter wen't out for dinner. haha. she really had choosen the wrong time. then we went to tns. on our way there, I bumped into my senior, kakfarina.

"hye! gemuknye!" ("hye! your fat!")

"nmpk sgt ke?" ("is it really obvious?")

"agakla. bleh nmpk pipi ampa dari jauh." ("it's quite obvious. I can see your cheeks from far")

arghh!! I'm soooo gonna loose that fat! ::angry:: btw, "kakfarina, thanks for your sincere comment. I really appreciate it". hmmm, how on earth am I going to loose all those love handles and potbelly. since I enter university, I do not have much time for sports. during my school days, I got involved in hockey, squash, police cadet etc.

even though I eat a lot, i still loose a lot doing those activities. but now? I still eat a lot, but I don't exercise much. yes. I don't look that fat compared to others. but compared to the old me? I'm really fat. huh! got to find my running shoes and start running again.

happy father's day!

yup. I know. it's yesterday. but what the heck, I still wanna blog about it. "happy father's day, abah! you're definitely the greatest."

yaya, jr and I went out last friday with mama with the hope of buying something for abah. we have no idea what to buy, with all the choices and lack of time. [we bought tickets for kung fu panda at 3.10pm. so, we really need to choose fast].

thanks to mama, we at last bought a frame for three pictures. we decide to put our family photos in there so that maybe abah could hang it in his office or somewhere and always be reminded of us. with few minutes left, we went to memory lane and bought abah a really big card. smaller than what we bought for mama on mother's day but hey, that's the biggest we could find.

on saturday night, we sms jj and asked him for his wish. I wrote it down in the card, together with yaya, jr, and my wishes. at exactly 12 am, jr put the present in front of his room. he knocked the door and ran away. abah said thanks to us. haha. it was really nice.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

this post is dedicated to my cousin who wanted so badly to watch this movie. Kung Fu Panda. haiyakk!! I wen't to watch this movie with my siblings yesterday and it is awesome. it made me laugh all the way through. even everyone watching was laughing. if you have any problems or just need to have a great laugh, come and watch this movie. it's worth it. and to my cousin "dah tgk ke blom? too bad you can't follow yesterday. mmg best la. nvm, anytime later we'll hangout together ek? I need to be good to you right? if not, I won't get anything from Ireland. haha."

Cristiano Ronaldo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

just wanna show you this wallpaper I made. ain't he cute? ::winking::

P.S I Love You

Monday, June 09, 2008

I love reading P.S. I Love You. it managed to touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes. it is a story about how a woman manage to live life again after the death of her husband. holly and gerry was an inseperatable couple.

one day, gerry died because of brain tumor. holly was devastated and unable to live a single second without thinking of him. until one day, the letter came. the letter was written by gerry, planning things, asking her to do this and that to help her be brave and start living again. it is his letters that helped holly get over his death. I suggest you read this book written by Cecelia Ahern. it is really wonderful and inspiring.

it is even a movie now. I've watched the movie recently. but I'm a bit dissapointed. I was hoping it will be as wonderful as reading the novel but instead, it's not. maybe because movies have a time limit, so it cannot be as detailed as the novel I guess.

it is lack of somehing and I'm not sure what. I didn't cry wacthing the movie but I cried reading the novel. somehow, the movie didn't manage to touch my heart. however, the movie is still good. Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler definetly did a great job. if you didn't read the novel and watch the movie, you'd probably like it better. still, it is a good job.

and now he's gone

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I have just came back from sending my brother. he's going back to malacca as the school holiday is about to end. he needs to be in kys before 6pm tomorrow. and malacca is far far away from where I'm staying so he needs to leave early. hopefully he'll have a safe journey. all of us here will surely miss him. don't know when I can see him again. "Jay, ko study la rajen2. straight A's tau."

she's back. yeay!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

omg! it's 3.42 am and I'm still wide awake. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and need to wake up early. how can I wake up early if I sleep this late? weddings. I like weddings. it is so beautiful and lovely. by the way. today, my mama came back from sabah and sarawak. after leaving us with abah for about a week, she's finally home. yup. we missed her presence and we're glad she's back in one piece.if you ask me what I miss most about my mother despite her cooking, my answer will be her nags! hehe. it's true! when i'm back in utp, I always hear her calling my name.

"Zareen, wake up. it's already late"
"Zareen, come down and eat"
"Zareen, have you make your bed?"
"Zareen, are you ready?"

it's natural for mothers to nag. but hey, it's their way of showing they're concern. and concern equals to love. and I like love. .:smilling:. better go to sleep now. I can already hear mama saying "Zareen, go to sleep. it's late already. you need to wake up early tomorrow."

friends or not friends?

have been reading emails, blogs and other stuff lately. suddenly, I came across something that really catches my eye. roommates. are they friends or plainly just roommates? it made me thinking. when you are choosing a roommate, shouldn't that person be someone you trust, someone you like and someone whom you feel easy to be with? at least that person should be someone you call a friend. am I right?

is it possible to be in a room with someone you hardly like and hardly is your friend and spent your whole college life with her? then why there are cases where you don't share your life with your roommate but with someone else? if that someone else is whom you trust, why aren't she your roommate?

for me, my roommate is someone I trust, whom when I have problem I share with and I share everything I could with her. I share my joy, my sadness, I tell her stories about my achievements, about my worries. I felt easy with her presence and I worry when she suddenly disappear. am I doing the right thing? or I'm being overly controlling? should roommates also be the best of friends or they could just be roommates? where you came into the room, do whatever you like, don't talk to each other, and leave?

learning vector art

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I am so tired today. like I've said, I like art and computer graphics. after a long time wanting to learn vector, i finally have the time. but hey, vector was very hard. it took me hours to make the picture perfect. and yet, it is still not perfect. but at least it looked okay. especially for a beginner like me.

it took me about four hours to turn this.

into this.

hmm, so many things I wanted to learn and yet, so little time. I only have about a month before the semester starts again. got to manage my time well. right. like that'll ever happen.

stepping into blogsphere

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I have spent days thinking whether to blog or not and finally broken guitar was born. why broken guitar? broken symbolize the failures I had met along the walk of life and guitar? well it symbolized the music that relates to all the laughters, cries, screams and insanity that happens in my life.

some time before

zero ::
" ey, buat la blog. kan best klau ade blog. nanti bleh baca blk, gelak2"

(ey, why don't you create a blog. it would be nice to have a blog. later we can read what we have wrote and laugh together)

wani ::
"hmm, bagos gak idea tuh"

(hmm, that's a good idea)

she already have her blog some time ago, as well as my friends, cousins and nearly everyone i knew. so, i decide, why not have one?