UTP Campus Election

Thursday, October 30, 2008

yesterday is the polling date for utp campus election. this year's election is seen to have more passion and is very different from the previous year. this year, we can see candidates from all walks of life each of which having their own mission. I have done my responsibility as a student by voting for my candidates yesterday. And here's the result.

  1. Hasmadi Hasbi [#3] = 1683 votes

  2. Farouqi [#2] = 1600 votes

  3. Norzila Noh [#5] = 1535 votes

  4. Nik Akmal Afif [#1] = 1468 votes

  5. Syuhada [#10] = 1450 votes

  6. Farriz Ijjaz [#8] = 710 votes

  7. Sofia Shaharom [#9] = 643 votes

  8. Adonis [#4] = 499 votes

  9. Asyraff [#11] = 473 votes

  10. Khalib [#7] = 449 votes

  11. Rahimah [#6] = 423 votes

truth is, I was hoping for a more balanced MPPUTP. but what more could I do, I've done my part. let's hope they'll do their job well. Good Luck~

what a lousy trip!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

yesterday I came back from utp. wanna know how the journey was? damn lousy! I wake up early yesterday with hopes to arrive home early. after taking my bath and everything, Ila and I started our journey home. her bus is at 9.00am in Taman Maju. so, she and her boyfriend left me at the bus stop at about 8.30am. a bus came a short while after they drop me. but the bus refuse to stop! I had no choice as I'm not capable of chasing the bus, so I just wait for the next bus to come.

about 20 minutes later, another bus came. I went up the bus and payed the driver RM3 which is the usual price from utp to Medan Kidd. he showed me four fingers which I believed meant to say that I'm supposed to pay RM4. I was using my mp3 at that time, so I can't really hear what he's saying. I just grab a seat and turn off my mp3. the driver just rambles about money and something. at another stop, 2 men came up and they were charged RM5! we are going to the same place, yet we pay different amount! what a liar.

At about 9.20am, I arrived in Medan Kidd. I search for the Medan Gopeng bus to get to the bus station. Another guy from the same bus was doing the same. we went to a bus and ask the co-driver, "Uncle, bus ni pegi Medan Gopeng ke?" ("Uncle, does this bus go to Medan Gopeng?")

Uncle: "Ada pegi, ada pegi. Lai, mari naik" ("Yup, it does. Come up")

So, we grab a seat and payed they uncle RM1. Halfway through the journey, the uncle came to us.

Uncle:"Medan Gopeng ka? Aiya. Tadak pegi ar Medan Gopeng" ("Medan Gopeng is it? Aiya. We're not going to Medan Gopeng")

Guy: "Amacam ni uncle? Tadi kata pegi?" ("How come? Just now you said we're going?")

Uncle: "Aiya. Wa tersilap la. Takpa, you turun sini, you jalan depan sikit saja. Nanti you belok kanan dekat itu trafic light. Ada bus stop. Itu super kinta punya. Ha turun skarang."(Aiya. My fault. Never mind, you go down here, walk a bit and turn right when you see a traffic light. There's a bus stop at super kinta. Ha, go down now.")

so both of us got down, feeling stupid. we got to know each other though. he is studying in uitm going back to kl. we talked about how we were cheated from the first bus until now. he also told me that he even payed RM4 to the first bus driver! after walking quite far, we still can't see the traffic light. we decided to ask around. we had to ask twice before we got to the bus stop and it's damn far and I'm carrying a very heavy bag. luckily there's a bus going to Medan Gopeng about to depart.

payed another RM1.10 and we arrived safely at about 10.10 am. we laughed about what happened and went to buy our ticket. I bought the 10.30 am ticket and waited. Luck is not with me, the bus only came at 11 am! I had a long chat with an auntie going to Seremban while waiting for the bus. she was telling about how hard it is when students in boarding school is not allowed to bring hand phones. I got on the bus and fell asleep.

mama called at about 12.30pm to ask me where I am because she have an open house to go to. I said I'm in sungai bakap, which means that I'll be in Penang in about another half an hour or 45 minutes. however, the bus change its route and went to Penang first before Butterworth. So, I arrived in Penang in only about 15 minutes. Called mama and she told me she's already in front of the house. I had to wait as she turn back to fetch me. Luckily, I get to eat a lot at the open house. Haih! What a journey.

make way!! my birthday's here!

Friday, October 03, 2008

yesterday was my birthday. yay! it's the 3rd day of raya today and it's still full house. I have this cousin, dira whose birthday is on the 7th and another one, fiqa whose birthday is on the 10th. being gathered and everything, we decided to have this shared birthday celebration thingy. lets let these pictures to tell us the rest of the story. ::drum roll please::

the ever famous birthday cake

the breathtaking ceremony

I was saying "move your hand away!"

I have evidence! she's destroying my name on the cake!

we're the butterfly warriors!! yeah!