back from the dead

Saturday, April 25, 2009

woahh! it's been a long time since my last post. I'm damn busy this semester plus the suckish internet connection in UTP, I couldn't update my blog frequent. next week is the last week for this semester before the study week and exam week. can't wait for the semester break. my head's about to explode. even though, next week is the last week, it is sure to be a hectic one. on monday, i need to upload my not-yet-done IP project plus I have AI presentation. on tuesday, I have DCN presentation, IP test and SE presentation and project submission on wednesday, HCI presentation and project submission plus SBE case study submission on thursday! crazy right?? luckily friday is a holiday.

even with all the workloads, I still managed to enjoy myself. I went to school this morning. they were having georgian fiesta today. it's sort of like a canteen day where classes sells food and we have concerts and stuff. I arrived at school with my handsome lil bro and cute lil sis at about 11 am. Walked here and there reminiscing my good old school days. the school have changed a lot. there was this new cafeteria like place in between the canteen and the class. the chairs and table in the canteen have changed too. and there is no longer 4 and 5 Vokasional. it seems that now there are 2 vocational classes so they stick to the name Topaz and Zamrud. quite sad though, cause I can still remember how proud these vocational students say that they're from 4 or 5 Vogue.

my first batch mate that I saw was Bawang. she still looks the same, still trendy but still short. haha. sorry ek Bawang. then I saw Mellisa and some of her friends. when I went to the canteen, I saw Zera! she's with M. she looks quite the same too, except that she got slimmer and looked more matured I guess. but inside, she's still the same person. my lil sis wanted to ride the horse, so I brought her there. that's when I saw Sharmeen and Zoe! they saw me and they scream my name, like the good old days. I ask my lil bro to look after my lil sis and when chit chatting with them. we talked a lot liked we never left school. Sharmeen still looks fabulous and still the drama queen we used to know. Zoe looked beautiful too. Oh, how I miss my school days.

I met a lot of my teachers too. they advised me to study hard and make georgian's proud. I definitely will! huhu. I left the school at about 2.30pm after I burned my RM30, but with a big smile on my face and thousands of memories I won't forget.