Luerd Kattiya (The Princess)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm dying to find the box set for this thai lakorn. I followed the series in 2004 and ever since then trying to find the dvds. all I've found is those without subtitles. where can I find one with either english or malay subtitle? anyone? I really like this story. I really mean really. btw, this is some info about the lakorn taken from

Released : 2004
15 Episodes

Phiyada Akkrasenee (Aom) as Princess Tippayaratdara-Kumaree
Jesadaporn Pholdee (Tik) as Anothai
Krit Hiranpruk as Prince Sittiprawat
Mayurin Pongpudpun as Princess Khaekhai-Jaras
Supakij Tangtatsawas (Man) as Prince Chaiyan
Duentem Salitul as Princess Panuprapas

After The Ruler of Yasothorn state was assassinated, his daughter, Princess Tippayarat-Darakumaree is relegated and live her life as a common girl. She accidentally meets Anothai, a son of the former right-hand soldier and he just knows her as Dara, a common girl. They become friend and develop to love each other later.

With his intention and his father's hope, Anothai attends the military school because he dreams to be a soldier to protect his country as that his father implant him since he was a child. Finally, he can be a soilder as he wish and becomes commandant later. Anyway, he just realizes the truth that Dara, a girl who he loves, actually is the third crown princess of Yasothorn. Anothai is very sorry to know that a common man like him can never reach a royal princess like her. But with his great love, he intends to do everything to help her to succeed the throne as a Queen of the Confederation State although his duty have to exchange with his life.

I'm home!!!

hye guys! I'm home! sorry for not updating my blog frequently. as I've said, I'm having my final exam. damn, this semester it's hard! well, thank God it's over. I've done my best, so I leave the rest to Allah.

now I'm busy with YouthSays "Real Voices" Project. this project from is intended to capture the lives of 50 malaysian youth and I'm one of it. so, I'll be busy blogging there for 5 weeks writting about 15 chapters every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I may not have much time to blog here. but don't worry, I wouldn't neglect you dear blog. I thinks that's all for this post. I'm going to Lumut with my family this holiday. I'll post about it later k? meantime, feel free to read my posts in YouthsSays "Real Voices". click here

the battle begins!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I have another week before my finals. here's my time table.

10 Nov: Algorithm & Data Structure
11 Nov: Health, Safety and Environment
14 Nov: Database Systems
20 Nov: System Analysis & Design
21 Nov: Object Oriented Programming
22 Nov: Operating Systems

but the battle begins now. it will be against my laziness, the coziness of my room that drives me to sleep, and all other factors that will make me not studying. so, let the battle begins! gambatte!

It's a halt!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

sorry for not updating my blog frequently. I've been very busy the past month as I have a lot of tests, assignments, projects, presentations, and a lot more stuff that I need to do. I don't have much time even for myself what more this blog.

and today, I'm home! yeay~ utp study week has officially started (but not mine. my study week will start much later. I'm even gonna attend an open house tonight! haha). so, I'll be busy studying (ya right!) and making my self prepared for the finals. so, don't hope for much updates from this blog. to utp students, Good Luck studying!