dear amie

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wah wah. kau da update blog. tahniah.

kau bagi aku inspirasi utk update blog gak ah. haha. jaga kau klau kita camwhore esk tapi kau tak upload byk2 kt fb kau! kau janji kan? haha.

sori ar tiru gaya penulisan kau.

p/s: kawan-kawan, raya aku indah. raya korang?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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what i like about the festive season

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

1. All the family members will be home and we'll be together. =)

2. Balik kampung! Yeay! Can meet all my crazy cousins and do our crazy projects. And gossipping, and camwhoring and 'uno'ing and make one hell of a mess.

3. Raya songs will be played on the radio and we will sing together all the way to our kampung.

4. Eat! There'll be 7 to 8 meals a day. Pre breakfast, breakfast, pre lunch, lunch, in between lunch and tea, tea, pre dinner, dinner, supper.

5. There'll be food that we rarely find during other days like lemang, rendang ketupat, kuih raya etc.

6. Collect duit raya! (Yup! I still get duit raya from the family!)

7. Shopping! This is the time to buy new clothes etc. Reason --> it's raya what, must look good.

8. Visiting neighbours, friends etc. This is the time where we streghten our relationship, the chance to meet those that we have not meet for a long time.

9. Open houses. Get to eat some more and meet friends.

10. This is also the time when we can ask for forgiveness from each other, especially to our parents without them asking "Ha, ape zareen da buat?" or "Zareen ok ke?". Haha.

Can't wait! Only a few days more!