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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1) "5" nama timangan anda

  • - saya takde nama timangan kerana nama saya best dan xperlu ditimang2 lagi. ::sambil blushing2::

2) "5" sifat or tabiat buruk
  • - sangat suka makan
  • - kadang-kadang agak pemalas
  • - kadang-kadang agak kedekut juga
  • - sangat suka menonton tv atau movie sampai boleh duduk 24 jam depan tv
  • - sangat addicted pada internet sampai boleh duduk depan laptop 24 jam juga

3) "5" makanan favourite
  • - masakan mama saya yang sangat sedap
  • - char kuey teow penang yang juga sedap
  • - laksa kuala kangsar, laksa pokok janggus di balik pulau serta semua adik beradik laksa yang lain
  • - burger jalanan especially di tgh2 malam bila kedai2 makan lain dah tutup
  • - nasi ayam, cendol, rojak, mee rebus pakcik dekat rumah saya, mee goreng mamak juga dkat rumah saya, kuih muih tradisional yang dibuat oleh nenek saya, tomyam, satay, spagheti, steak abah saya dan macam2 lagi la --> saya orang penang, dan makanan di penang sangat heaven

4) "5" subjek pelajran paling suke
  • - english, kerana kelas nye sangat menarik especially masa dgn Mdm. Irene
  • - it, kerana saya suka pelajarannya dan Cikgu Shipa juga sangat best walau kadang2 kena cubit dengan dia sebab suka main2
  • - kimia, sebab bleh main bakar2 lab macam masa form 5 dulu. wahaha
  • - modern math, kerana Mr. Tan yang blushing2 bila dikatakan sama macam Tom Cruise
  • - pjk, sebab boleh main2, menari gimrama (walau saya kayu) dan boleh selalu kena marah dengan Cikgu Pritam ngan Cikgu Mazida pastu pakai baju pjk sampai abes skolah sebab konon2 tak bawak baju la apela

5) ''5'' lime benda wajib dlm purse
  • - duit
  • - ic
  • - lesen
  • - kad matrik
  • - kad atm

6) "5" topik yg biase dibual bersame pasangan or teman
  • - kisah2 lucu
  • - gosip hangat
  • - memori silam
  • - perbincangan mengenai makanan2 yang best
  • - dan berbincang mengenai kenapa soalan2 ni ade 6 dan bukan 5 ??

7) "5" mangsa tag
  • - ila rumet
  • - waniii housemate
  • - diyana schoolmate
  • - cukup la tu

sudah lapuk

award ni tlah diberi oleh waniii sbulan yang lalu, tp sgt malas utk di letak. huhu. sori ye waniii.

1- Copy Award Diatas Untuk Diletakkan Di Blog Anda.

2- Nyatakan 5 Fakta Menarik Tentang Si Pemberi Award Ini.bukan 5 fakta..banyak fakta pon boleh..xpela.. bg 5 jela ek.. hehe..
  • - budak perlis yg also merupakan housemate aku
  • - sangat suka ber event dan juga sgt komited <--- sile la amek dia join event, tak nyesal punye
  • - berhutang belanja makan tengahari dgn aku sbb aku baru je promote dia kat atas ni
  • - walau single, sangat ramai peminat. gune jari kaki pun tak cukup nak kira. gune kalkulator mungkin boleh
  • - otak amat genius. kira cam orang yg bg award dean's list tu pun da boring tgk muka dia

3- Setiap Blogger Mestilah Menyatakan 10 Fakta Atau Hobi Diri Sendiri Sebelum Memilih.
  • - sangat die hard fan Manchester United
  • - baru kecewa atas pemergian si dia yang dijual 80 juta tu
  • - suka mendengar muzik dan melayari internet di masa lapang
  • - sangat sayang pada family
  • - suka shopping !! mari la ajak saya kuar shopping
  • - masih single and loving it
  • - suka travel melihat keindahan dan mempelajari budaya2 orang lain
  • - takde idea nak menghabiskan 10 fakta maka berhenti disini

4-Anda Perlu Memilih 10 Penerima Award Seterusnya Dan Describe Tentang Mereka.
  • - amie: cousin aku yang baru mulakan kehidupan sebagai pelajar universiti
  • - dira: juga cousin aku yang baru je habis cuti
  • - kuyam: yang baru sahaja mula berblogging --> Selamat Datang !!
  • - asraf hadzwan: sahabat lama, itupun jika dia baca blog saya
  • - nadia jamaludin: warga georgian yang dah lama tak jumpa --> reunion jom weyh
  • - sesape saja la yang rasa diri dia layak. boleh tak camtu? wahaha.

bye bye

Monday, June 29, 2009

taken from manutd.com

26/06/2009 20:30, Report by Adam Bostock

Ronaldo sale set for completion

Cristiano Ronaldo's departure is all but done and dusted after Real Madrid and Manchester United finalised the agreement for his transfer on Friday evening.

The Portuguese winger was the subject of a world record £80million offer from the Spanish club on Thursday 11 June. He has since been on holiday but a return to work with new employers now beckons, with the sale set to be completed on Wednesday 1 July.

United have made no further comment, other than to confirm the finalisation.

you've made your choice. so goodbye now. good luck in Real Madrid.

internet stardom

Friday, June 26, 2009

this post is written because I believe zee avi should be more exposed to Malaysians. who is zee avi u ask? zee avi is a 23 years old huge talent with a jazzy voice who have just recently released her full self-titled debut album on May 19, 2009.

so, what's so special about her? zee avi or her real name Izyan Alirahman was more famous in youtube as Kokokaina. this Malaysian teenager was born in Miri, Sarawak before she moved to Kuala Lumpur at the age of 12. she became famous and her talent was realized all thanks to youtube and unasked, she shot to fame in the US, and has cut an excellent record. her story is what we call internet fairytale.

originally, zee posted a video of her first song on youtube for a friend to watch. right after her friend had watched it, she wanted to delete the video. instead, her friend manage to convinced her to leave the video up and she soon received a lot of positive comments. this then inspires her to put more videos ofe her in youtube.

the day before her 22nd birthday, zee posted a video intended to be her last video. by the time she checked her email, she received almost 3,000 email and one of them was from Ian Montone,who had been shown the youtube clip by Raconteurs’ drummer, Patrick Keeler. Keeler wanted Montone to get in touch with zee and offer to release her music on the Monotone Label. Before she knew it zee was on a plane to L.A. to record her debut with producer Robert Carranza at Brushfire’s Solar Powered Plastic Plant. and now, she's on a tour around US!

here are some links

a must watch

Nur Kasih. a new drama series on TV3 is a must watch for those who wanted a fresh storyline and something new in Malaysia drama scene. Nur Kasih is a story about 2 brothers raised up in the same family but end up being 2 totally different people. Aidil is a son who always obey their parents while Adam always do things that their parents hate. Aidil studied in Al-Azhar University and lived a religious life. This is not the same with Adam where he studied in Australia and led and exotic life. want to know more? watch the drama eyh. it's aired every friday, 9 pm on TV3. tonight is its 5th episode. u guys only miss 4 episodes, so don't worry, u still can catch-up from youtube and tv3.com.

the casts

why I suggest u watch this movie?

  1. 1. different storyline and beautiful dialogues
  2. 2. great cinematography by khabir bhatia
  3. 3. unique characters, each with their own characteristics
  4. 4. actor and actresses who are very good in playing their parts in the drama
  5. 5. nice soundtrack is always a bonus right?
so go on, watch the drama tonight. but don't blame me if u don't like it cause different people have different taste and preferrence.

at last!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

haih. it's very hard to get the tickets for this movie. after a few days trying and struglling, at last I got 5 tickets! yeay!

everyday I look at this screen,
but what I get was a fully booked hall. haih.

JayR was dying to see the movie, so by hook or by crook, I must get the tickets. after all the sweats, the movie better be extremely good!

OBS Experience Part 1

Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's been a few days after I came back from OBS but the experience I had there, I would never forget. I was sent there to attend the leadership development program for petronas scholars. I am in the petronas scholar 3/2009 batch.

actually, before I went there, I've already have a brief idea of how the place was and what activity I'm supposed to do because my brother has been there twice. I was thrilled and excited but was a bit nervous too.

in front of gym hall

Day 1 :: 11 June 2009

I arrived at utp as early as 6 am. the bus will pick us up to obs at 12 pm. I scratch my head not knowing what to do. haih. after perfroming my subuh prayer, I went to our house. luckily it's not locked, so i went into my room and sleep. at 10 something I woke up, eat my breakfast and wait for the bus. it came at 12 pm and after settling everything, we started our journey to Outward Bound Malaysia in Lumut. we arrived there at 1 something with everyone looking so nervous and hungry! after everyone's there, we were devided into watches. I got into watch Korbu with other 13 team members from not just utp but uitm and utm too. our instructor is M.J. who is indeed a great and funny guy.

on the first day, there's not much physical activities. after eating our lunch, we need to surrender our handphones, wallet, money, id and our electronic items because we nee to get back to basic where all this stuff does not exist. I stayed in Irau dorm with ulu sepat and my watch members. to get to the dorm, I need to go up 106 stairs!

Day 2 :: 12 June 2009

we woke up very early and gathered in front of the gym hall to sing negaraku. korbu, ulu sepat and camah was in the same group which is group 1. after breakfast, we learn to do knotting and then go to the sea for our water confidence. we were asked to put on our life jackets and float in the water. then, group 1 was thought about whalling while group 2 learned about kayaking.


that was my first time on a whaler and yes, it is not easy to navigate a whaler. synchronization is very important, if not, you can paddle for hours with your team members but the whaler wouldn't go anywhere.

"dip, pullllll, up"
"dip, pullllll, up"
"dip, pullllll, up"

Day 3 :: 13 June 2009

on the 3rd day, we begin our expedition, whalling to pantai syawal. at first, the weather was okay and our whalling was smooth. we whalled untill noon and stop for awhile to have our lunch. after lunch, we continued our journey. but at that time, everyone was already tired. luckily there's wind, so we sailed. in the afternoon, the weather suddenly turns bad so for safety reasons, all whalers was towed. after a day of whalling, getting towed was indeed great too. haha.

this is NOT pantai syawal

as soon as we arrived at pantai syawal, we need to set up our tent and start cooking for our dinner. pantai syawal is not a good camping site. huhu. there is no much place for you to set up your tent and there are only two wells for you to clean yourself up. more unfortunately for us, it was raining bad that night, so we slept in water. camping there was really back to basic.

Day 4 :: 14 June 2009

we whalled back to obs in the morning today. somehow, my leg was swollen. on the way back, there were some funny incidents which I shouldn't mention here that I will never forget (i believe fellow Korbu know what I'm talking about. haha). as soon as we arrived at obs, we cleaned our stuff and prepared for the kayak lesson in the afternoon.

during the kayak lesson, everyone looked very tired. we did another water confidence test where our kayak is overturned. kayaking was easier and much lighter than whalling. we each got a partner and my partner was paklah (not the prime minister eyh). after dinner, I was brought to the clinic outside obs. the doctor wanted to cut my carbuncle but because i need to go camping the next day, he decided to give me medicine only.

eyh.. gotta go.. wait for part 2 eyh..


Monday, June 01, 2009

I was watching tv just now and suddenly there's azan on air. my cousin spontaneously clapped his hand and said "yeay!! masa untuk makan.." wahaha.. kids are so naive!

this is Imran. all he knows is eat. wahaha..