i'm gonna miss you!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm busy packing my bags to go back to utp. the new semester will start next week. new semester, new life, same me. there's a lot of things and people that I'm gonna miss when I'm there.

  1. Abah & Mama (and their nags too ::smiling::)
  2. adik-adik (and how they make my head spins each time they quarrel)
  3. Queensbay Mall
  4. waking up late
  5. Mama's cooking and food that's always there when I need them.
  6. full line on my Maxis (seriously, I'm lucky even to have a bar in my room in utp)
  7. tv & astro
  8. going to pasar malam on Monday
  9. hot bath
  10. weekend movies with adik-adik
  11. going for shopping therapy with Mama
  12. PS2 and the ever popular Guitar Hero
  13. browsing books in Qb Borders
  14. waking my adik-adik late at night and ask them to take a bath (they always fall asleep early without taking their bath, and end up mumbling while bathing. ::laughing::)
  15. Yaya's painfull screams
and the list goes on....

basically, I'm gonna miss everything. as well as this beautiful island called Penang!