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Thursday, December 10, 2009

i was browsing through some of the blogs in my blog list today and i stumble upon these words. it was from my junior, Fatin's blog. what it says is totally true. we often waste our time trying to impress people who don't even bother listening to us whilst forgetting those that makes us happy. living and loving those that makes us happy is indeed the best thing to do. however, don't just let them make you happy, but you make them happy too!

p/s: fatin, kami curi words ni dari blog ampa. hope it's okay. klau kena bayar, sruh amie setelkan eyh. thanks. =p


Nadia Jamaludin said...

btol3. hehe.. anyway, link me up again..aku tukar blog.. ada stalker :( sorryyyyyyy

zero said...

ok sure.. will do it..